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Program Highlights

Capstone Projects

Great Learning experience with handson on real world applications. Each module has 2 or more capstore projects.


During the course journey, Each student is encouraged to participate in kaggle groups with support from top notch experts. Not just learn the course, But get handson and work with coding freaks

Live Instructor Led

Discussion boards are an integral part of each module and provide a forum where participants can interact, share ideas, and ask questions.

Course Curriculum

Immersive Bootcamp on Artificial Intelligence

3 Months | Instructor Led | Mon to Fri | 2 hrs per day

Every industry has a high demand for AI capabilities – especially question answering systems that can be used for legal assistance, patent searches, risk notification and medical research. 
Module 1 | Introduction to AI
Module 2| Mathematics for AI
Module 3| Introduction to ANN's
Module 4| Hyper Parameters In Neural Networks
Module 5| Regression
Module 6| Feature Engineering
Module 7| Classification
Module 8| Unsupervised Learning
Module 8| Deep Learning
Module 9| Capstone Project

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