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Deep Learning Specialization

Deep Learning Specialization. Master Deep Learning, and Break into AI


During the course journey, Each student is encouraged to participate in kaggle groups with support from top notch experts. Not just learn the course, But get handson and work with coding freaks.

Build Your POC

Get Trained on Deep Learning Skill Set. Training would help you to build your realworld solutions.

Live Instructor Led

Discussion boards are an integral part of each module and provide a forum where participants can interact, share ideas, and ask questions.

Course Curriculum

Immersive Bootcamp on Deep Learning

3 Months | Instructor Led online and classroom | Weekends | 4 hrs per day

What Do you get..!

If you want to break into AI, this Specialization will help you do so.
Deep Learning is one of the most highly sought after skills in tech.
We will help you become good at Deep Learning.

Who Should take this course
Module 1 | Recap on ML/ Algoritms
Module 2| Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Module 3| Sequence Models
Module 4| Hyper Parameters In Deep Neural Networks
Module 5| Structuring Machine Learning Projects

Hiring Companies

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Batch Starts on 18th October 2019

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